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Lamb Shoulder Roast @ $9/LB

Lamb Shoulder Roast @ $9/LB
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$9/LB - Final price determined at time of pickup

Shoulder roasts range from 1.5 - 3.5 Lbs.  If you would like to request a specific weight please leave a note in the comment section at check out.  

The shoulder is a less expensive, tougher cut with more connective tissue that becomes tender and flavorful when slowly cooked. The shoulder is also an easier cut for carving. Slow roast, stew, or braise. The shoulder is best braised in large pieces cut into chops or in small pieces for stew. Braise with herbs and dried figs, slow cook a lamb pumpkin curry, or braise for several hours until the meat can be shredded with a fork to serve on top of an arugula pomegranate salad.
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