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20th Anniversary Book
CSA add-on: Bread
CSA add-on: Flowers
          Bones and Offal
          Ground Beef and Stew Meat
          Hot Dogs
          Short Ribs
     Just for Easter!
          Breast of Lamb
          Leg of Lamb
          Sausage and Ground Lamb
          Shoulder Roasts
          Boneless Shoulder Roasts
          Chops and Loins
          Fatback and Leaf Lard
          Hocks and Shanks
          Offal, Bones, Bits and Pieces
          Sausage and Ground Pork
          Spare and Baby Back Ribs
Vegetable CSA
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     CSA 2019 - Half Share
     CSA 2019- Donation
     Winter CSA - SOLD OUT for 2018
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