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2018 Thanksgiving Turkey (LIMITED VIP) $8/lb (Turkey)
20th Anniversary Book
Asparagus (Vegetables)
Bacon @ $10 (1lb package)
Bacon Ends: 0.5 - 1 lb package (Pork)
Basil plant
Beef Back Ribs @ $6/LB
Beef Boneless Chuck Roast @ $9/LB
Beef Burger Patties @ $10/package
Beef Heart @ $3/LB
Beef Hot Dogs (8 per package)
Beef Kabob Meat @ $7/LB
Beef Kidney @ $2/LB
Beef Liver @ $4/LB
Beef Marrow Bones @ $4/LB
Beef Neck Bones @ $4/LB
Beef Oxtail @ $6.50/LB
Beef Rib Roast @ $12/LB
Beef Soup Bones @ $4/LB
Beef Soup Shank @7/LB
Beef Stew Meat @ $7/LB
Beef Suet @ $4/LB
Beef Tenderloin @ $25/LB
Beef Tongue @ $5/LB
Bjorn Qorn large 3oz bag of corn (Farm Store)
Bjorn Qorn small 1oz bag of corn (Farm Store)
Bone-in Pork Shoulder Roast @ $8/LB
Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast @ $9/LB
Boneless Sirloin Steak @ $12/LB
Boneless Sirloin Tip Steak @ $10/LB
Books: From Asparagus to Zucchini (Farm Store)
Books: Pasture Perfect (Farm Store)
Books: Project 258 (Farm Store)
Books: Pure Beef (Farm Store)
Books: The Grassfed Gourment (Farm Store)
Boston Pork Butt (Bone-in) @ $8/LB
Bottom Round Beef Roast @ $8/Lb
Bottom Round Steak @ $9/Lb
Breakfast Sausage (link): 1 lb package (Pork)
Breast of Lamb @ $9/LB
Brisket @ $10/LB
Broccoli Plant
Brussels sprout plant
Butterflied Leg of Lamb @ $9/LB
Cajun Andouille Pork Sausage Links @ $10 (1LB packages)
Chard plant
Chaseholm - Basil & Garlic Cheese (Farm Store)
Chaseholm Alpage Gruyere (Farm Store)
Chaseholm Camembert (Farm Store)
Chaseholm Moonlight Chaource (Farm Store)
Cilantro plant
Coach Farm Goat Cheese Fresh Disc (Farm Store)
Coach Farm Goat Milk Yogurt (Farm Store)
Corn on the Cobb (Farm Store)
Country Style Ribs @ $10/LB
Cow Pots 3 inch pot (Farm Store)
Cow Pots 6 pack of 3 inch pots (Farm Store)
CSA 2019 - subsidized share (Vegetable CSA)
CSA 2019- Full Share (Friday, Glynwood Pickup)
CSA 2019- Full Share (Tuesday, Glynwood Pickup)
CSA 2019- Half Share (Friday, Glynwood Pickup)
CSA 2019- Half Share (Tuesday, Glynwood Pickup)
Cucumber plant
Delmonico Steak @ $17/LB
Dill plant
Eggplant plant
Eleanor's Best Blueberry Jam (Farm Store)
Eleanor's Best Hot Pepper Jam (Farm Store)
Eleanors Best Maple Syrup (Farm Store)
Eleanor's Best Peach Jam (Farm Store)
Eleanor's Best Strawberry Jam (Farm Store)
Eye Round Beef Roast @ $10/LB
Eye Round Steak @ $11/LB
Farmer Ground Half White Bread Flour (Farm Store)
Farmer Ground Polenta bag (Farm Store)
Filet Mignon (beef)@ $25/LB
Fishkill Farms-Strawberries (Farm Store)
Flank Steak @ $13/LB
Flat Iron Steak @ $11/LB
Flowers (Farm Store)
Glynwood-Amaranth-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Arugula-bag (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Baby Kale-bag (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Basil-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Beans-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Beets-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Beets-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Broccoli-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Brussel Sprouts-each (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Cabbage-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Carrots-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Carrots-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Cauliflower-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Celeriac-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Celery-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Cherry Tomato-pint (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Cilantro-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Collards-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Cucumbers-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Dill-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Eggplant-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Escarole-each (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Fennel-each (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Fingerling Potato-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Garlic Scapes-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Garlic-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Husk Cherries-pint (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Kale-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Kohlrabi-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Leeks-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Lettuce Mix-bag (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Lettuce-each (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Napa Cabbage-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-New Potato-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Onions -bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Onions -pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Oyster Mushroom-pint (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Pac Choy-each (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Parsley-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Parsnip-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Pea Shoots-bag (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Peas-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Peppers-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Potatoes-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Pumpkins-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Radicchio-each (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Radishes-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Rutabega-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Sage-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Salad Mix-bag (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Scallions-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Shallots-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Shitaki Mushroom-quart (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Spinach-bag/bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Squash, S.-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Squash, W.-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Sunflowers-each (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Sweet Potato-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Swiss Chard-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Tatsoi-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Tomatoes - Heirloom-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Tomatoes - Red-pound (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Turnips-bunch (Vegetables)
Glynwood-Watermelon Radish-pound (Vegetables)
Go Go Pops (Farm Store)
Goat Bones @ $4/LB
Goat Heart @ $5/LB
Goat Kidney @ $4/LB
Goat Liver @ $5/LB
Goat Loin Chops @ $18/LB
Goat Rib Chops @ $18/LB
Goat Riblets @ $10/LB
Goat Shanks @ $10/LB
Goat Shoulder Roast @ $14/LB
Goat Tongue @ $4/LB
Grafted tomato plant
Grass & Grit Lamb & Goat Pelts (Farm Store)
Ground Beef (1LB bag)
Ground Beef (5 LB bag)
Ground Goat (1 LB Package)
Ground Lamb @ $9/LB (1LB packages)
Ground Mutton (lamb)@ $8/LB (1LB packages)
Ground Pork @ $8/LB (1LB packages)
Half Pig Head @ $3/LB
Hanger Steak @ $15/LB
Hawthorne Valley - Plain Yogurt (Farm Store)
Hoofprint Cheese Company Goat Feta Cheese (Farm Store)
Hot Italian Lamb Sausage (bulk) @ $11.50/LB
Hot Italian Mutton Sausage Links (Lamb) @ $12/LB (1LB packages)
Hot Italian Pork Sausage Links @ 10/LB (1 lb package)
Hudson Soil Company Community Compost: Large $6 (Farm Store)
Hudson Soil Company Community Compost: Small $3 (Farm Store)
HV Seed Co. Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry (Farm Store)
HV Seed Co. Bridge to Paris Pepper (Farm Store)
HV Seed Co. Glorious Gleam Nasturtium (Farm Store)
HV Seed Co. Hank's Xtra Special Baking Bear (Farm Store)
HV Seed Co. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin (Farm Store)
HV Skincare bug candles. (Farm Store)
HV Skincare BUG-A-BOO natural bug repellant (Farm Store)
HV Skincare Gotta Grow Gardening Soap (Farm Store)
HV Skincare Bodacious Body Lotion in  Pure Paradise. (Farm Store)
HV Skincare Goat to Lotion in Lavender (Farm Store)
HV Skincare Goat to Soap Lavender/Geranium (Farm Store)
HV Skincare Goat to Soap Unfragrenced (Farm Store)
Jacuterie - Salami (Farm Store)
Journeyman Bread (Full Share) (Journeyman Breads)
Journeyman Bread (Half Share) (Journeyman Breads)
Kale plant
Karl Family Farms Beef Jerky (Farm Store)
Lamb Bones @ $3/LB
Lamb Heart @ $4/LB
Lamb Kabob Meat @ $10/LB
Lamb Kidney @ $4/LB
Lamb Liver @ $4/LB
Lamb Loin Chops $16/LB
Lamb Loin Roast @ $14/LB
Lamb Neck Bones @ $3/LB
Lamb Rack of Ribs @ $14/LB
Lamb Rib Chops @ $16/LB
Lamb Riblets @ $9/LB
Lamb Shanks @ $9/LB
Lamb Shoulder Chops @ $9/LB
Lamb Shoulder Roast @ $9/LB
Lamb Sirloin Chops @ $16/LB
Lamb Stew meat @ $10/LB
Lamb Tongue @ $4/LB
Leg of Goat $16/LB
Leg of Lamb @ $10/LB
Lettuce mix plant
Maine Grains Cracked Oats (Farm Store)
Maine Grains Rolled Oats (Farm Store)
Maple Breakfast Sausage Links: 1.1 lb package (Pork)
Max Gaydos carved spoon (applewood plain cooking) (Farm Store)
Max Gaydos carved spoon (burnt serving) (Farm Store)
Max Gaydos carved spoon (detail handled cooking) (Farm Store)
Max Gaydos carved spoon (small Eating) (Farm Store)
McGrath Cheese Company - Rascal (Farm Store)
Mercurio Farms Eggs per Dozen (Farm Store)
Mutton Bones (lamb)@ $2/LB
Mutton Leg Steaks @ $7/LB
Mutton Leg Steaks @ $7/LB
Mutton Loin [email protected] $13/LB
Mutton Rib Chops @ $13/LB
Mutton Riblets @ $7/LB
Mutton Shoulder Chop @ $7/LB
Mutton Stew Meat @ $8/LB
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Northern Farmhouse Pasta Garlic Ravioli (Farm Store)
Northern Farmhouse Pasta Mushroom Ravioli (Farm Store)
Northern Farmhouse Pasta Ricotta Gnocchi (Farm Store)
Northern Farmhouse Pasta Ricotta Ravioli (Farm Store)
NY Strip Steak @ $19/LB
Oregano plant
Osso Bucco @ $9/LB
Parsley plant
Peaches $1.98 per pound (Farm Store)
Pepper plant
Pork back Fat @ $3/LB
Pork Butt (Boneless) @ $9/LB
Pork Chorizo Sausage Links @ $10 (1 lb package)
Pork Heart @ $3/LB
Pork Kielbasa
Pork Leaf Lard @ $3/LB
Pork Liver @ $3/LB
Pork Loin Chops @ $12/LB
Pork Neck Bones @ $2/LB
Pork Sirloin Chops @ $11/LB
Pork Soup Bones @ $2/Lb
Pork Spare Ribs @ $7/LB
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